22-25 OCTOMBRIE, 2020 (GMT+1)




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"We were created for greatness"

Dan Gogliotti returned to UPW to transform his business. What he left with was something even more powerful.

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"I woke from brain surgery only able to move my eyes"

For many participants, such as Cameron Burnette, the firewalk reinforces that those who complete the walk are stronger than they could have imagined.

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Derek Hough

Dancer, choreographer, actor & singer, record 6-time winner of Dancing with the Stars
"After UPW I was so clear about what I wanted that I made it happen."

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“If this is a metaphor for life, then I needed to do it.”

There are many times in life when we doubt our capabilities, or feel too afraid to go after our goals. But as Melinda discovered, “I was super happy that I did.”

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Turia Pitt

I was thinking there's no way I'm doing the firewalk.
Mindset is everything in this life.

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Jordana Borensztajn

Jordana Borensztajn shares the top 3 lessons she got out of UPW. From smashing through limitations, how to do more of what you love and finally, ultimately, Tony’s “secret to living”.

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Serena Williams

When you get on top sometimes you've got to work even harder.

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"Live the best life you can"

Erin Vasquez was hoping to find more clarity in her career and her relationship. UPW gave her the chance to really decide where she wanted to be in her life.

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Maria Menounos

Actress, journalist, television host & occasional professional wrestler
"To say my life has changed on a multitude of levels is a freaking understatement!"

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"Last year i was very afraid - but I got past it."

Ricardo has completed the UPW firewalk many times, now he helps first time firewalkers get through it also.

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Hugh Jackman

For many years I carried doubt about whether there was some kind of wound or damage that would frame my entire life.

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